Friday, 17 August 2012

NOTD: A Sprinkle of Glitter

I've been loving this combo at the moment. It's summery, and has a bit of the glam factor with it too. The polishes are both from Miss Sporty but I don't know the names, all I know is the glittery one is called thes 'sparkle topcoat.' Like I said in my other post the coverage is quite sheer and this is more than one coat. Also I've used this polish twice and I've already used about half the bottle so that's not great, but I do like it and it was quite cheap. The blue is fairly opaque but it sometimes needs another coat.They do chip quite easily but my top coat is pretty rubbish and the glitter polish is a quite a bad top coat too.

Do you like glitter nail varnish?

Wishlist #1


                         Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream - £2.99
Even though we're heading into autumn and this is more of a spring/summer shade, I've really been wanting a lilac nail varnish and this is the nicest colour I've found and is one of the cheapest. So I'm hoping I might be adding this to my collection fairly soon.

                                      Tan Handbag from Ebay - £14.95
This looks like a Mulberry Alexa bag copy and if I were to buy a designer bag (not that I'll have the money for at least 5 years) it would probably be this one because I really like it. I hope to buy this bag but I'm not really sure I need it. Oh well a girl can't have to many handbags can she?

                          Technics nail varnish from Ebay - £1.20 (+ £0.75 postage)
I really want to buy this because I am loving glitter nail varnishes and I really want one that I can do an accent nail with. It is also really cheap, under £2 in total! Annoyingly I could have had a nail varnish from Barry M which I really liked the look of which turned out to be the limited edition one for the Jubilee. So being me, I didn't know/realise this so I chose the cheaper one thinking I could always come back another day. I've been kicking myself for weeks about being stupid enough not to buy it, and on top of that the one I did buy (from Miss Sporty) was only £1 cheaper and doesn't give a lot of glitter and is very hard to not get a thick layer of glitter, mainly just a sheer layer over a base colour. (see NOTD to see for yourself.)

                                           Sleek Contour Kit - £6.49
I don't have a matte bronzer or a highlighter and I want to be able to contour so I want to buy this contour kit for that reason. It's at a slightly higher price than I would normally be willing to pay but,it has good reviews and I think it's worth it.

                                Newlook Burgundy Crew Neck Jumper - £19.99
Believe it or not but I have pretty much no jumpers. Not even sweater type jumpers. So this season all I want to get are jumpers, big cosy ones which are perfect for the autumn/winter. I love the colour and although I haven't seen it in store I can really see me loving it.

                                Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie - £7.99
Now this is something that I might get or I might not, I'm not sure. It's a lot of money for what potentially might be a tinted lip balm but when I go to the shop I'll try them all out and decide my favourite. I hope to buy this but it's a lot of money and I'm still not able to justify it at the moment.

                              Real Techniques Core Collection - £21.99
Despite it being extortionately priced, for me anyway the problem I have with getting this is that I only want 3 out of the 4 brushes. I'm don't really want the flat foundation brush because I'm intending to use the buffing brush for my foundation instead of this but if you think about it, it means that the brushes are only £5.50 each. In the US though, these are priced at $18 which is only £11 or so pounds which is £10 cheaper! I can't believe it!

                               MOTO Acid Supersoft Leigh Jeans - £38.00
This is the biggest 'wish' in the entire wishlist as I don't tend to spend almost £40 on a pair of jeans but I know that they're really soft, fitted and look really nice as my friend has a pair. I think the acid effect is really nice and I think these would go with so many different outfits.

I could add so much more but i'm going to stop otherwise we'll be here forever! If you know anything about the products that I should know about feel free to post them down below. Sorry for the weird picture spacing, I don't know how to sort it.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mini Bin!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I went on holiday (which is why I posted twice in one day) and got back a couple of days ago but I'm back now!

Look what I found! Whilst walking through ASDA (a British supermarket) on one of our many food shopping trips I found this little cute thing. It's a tiny bin! My mum's always buying little bits and bobs for the house and having a little look at the home sections in supermarkets have become a lot more frequent. When we passed this in the store it was on offer for £4 reduced to £3 I think. After looking on the website though it was reduced to £2 but is unfortunately out of stock at the moment.

Now my normal bin is usually filled with face wipes, cotton pads and buds and all the other junk you put in it. I actually broke my bin ( the bit inside that has a handle and you pull it out then put in a bigger bin or something, it won't pull out) by putting so much stuff in it and pushing it down so the lid will close, so my mum thought I could have this on my desk and just put the face wipes and pads in it instead.

This is just what I needed. I love this because it leaves my normal bin free to be full with proper bin things. For the price it was a great purchase! I'm sure you'll be able to find something else like this in other stores as well. I know it isn't really anything to do with beauty but I use it for beauty related items and it's a storage tip!(Kind off)

                                      Do you have any other storage tips?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

Little bit slow on the ol' bandwagon here but I actually didn't know about MUA until mid to the end of May. I've been wanting this palette but as my superdrug was quite small, I couldn't get my hands on it despite going to a couple of different ones. (were sold out) Eventually after about eight weeks of searching, (not very hard as had to fit in with the rest of my families lives) I went back to my own superdrug as they told me eight weeks ago they would be getting an MUA stand. It was a toss up between getting this and the 'Undressed' palette in my head (which is a dupe for the Naked palette, so I've heard, even down to the name!) But my superdrug made the decision for me as they didn't stock the undressed palette but I really want to get it anyway.

  As you can see the shades are very pigmented.

(Excuse the red smudge of nail varnish, courtesy of Barry M Nail Paint in 262 Bright Red)

 A really goregous amber/gold shade

 Managed to make dents in it already!

 Another gorgeous and pigmented highlight shade!

Pretty brown shimmery shades.

As you can see they are all shimmery and aren't matte which I don't mind and these make the most gorgeous neutral eyes. And drumroll please......they come in at a whopping £4!!! For the pigmentation it's brilliant and although it looks smaller in real life than if you see it on camera the size of the eyeshadows are really good. You can see that you do get quite a bit of product as I made a dent in one and it didn't hit pan! A comment on the packaging, a few weeks on from posting this the plasic around the hinges broke so now it's in two pieces but does slot back together, but it was so cheap that I couldn't really expect a lot, but I do tend to sit on the palette so that might just be me!

Do you have the Heaven and Earth palette? Do you like it as much as me?

Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

Now I haven't really been a skincare kind of gal until recently. I was the sort of person who wipes off make up with a makeup wipe and splashes water on their face. I know, I was bad. So I went to boots about a month and a bit ago with some money in my purse and one thing on my mind, get some skin stuff! When I went, the vitamin e range had an offer on, 2 for £4. I don't think the offer is still on in store (it was a while ago) but looking on the website they still have the offer on. It also has an SPF of 15 which I know isn't that high but it's better than nothing!

I've been using this most days (sometimes I forget...) and I used to use this morning and night but I then bought myself a night cream, (review on that when I've used it more) but I use this in the morning before my concealer and foundation. It keeps my skin feeling smooth and soft throughout the day and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly.

(You only need a small amount to cover your face)

You get 100ml of product which I think is very good for the price which I researched and I found out that it is £2.85 which is very reasonable. The packaging is just a squeezy tube which helps for determining how much product you use which I like.

Tell me if you've tried this and what your thoughts on the lotion are!