Friday, 23 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review : Pink Punch


After waiting for so many months for the Baby Lips to fly into the UK, I was so excited when I heard they were arriving. Being a highly awaited product combined with me going away during the time they were stocking the shops it took me a while to track a colour I wanted down. I thought I'd stick with one at the moment but I will quickly assume that soon, another one will be in my possession.
The colour I decided on is Pink Punch, which for a tinted lip balm is quite bright and vibrant in comparison to how I though it would be. The packaging is colourful and 'cute' though the plastic may seem a little bit cheap though compared with Nivea and Vaseline tubes it looks a lot nicer, and they are not too much more expensive.
The colour is a light fairly bright pink on my lips anyway, and it is not really a colour I wear very often and I think it is a really pretty colour. The lip balm is not the most moisturising, as you can expect for the little money you pay for it. Despite that it does make your lips feel soft and does do what it is meant to do. The wear time on this is ok I think. Being a lip balm, the colour doesn't stain or stay in the same way a lipstick does, so for the colour to stay it would need reapplying at various points during the day. But after all you are paying for a lip balm, with the colour aspect an extra on the side.

Overall I like this product a lot, it's a 2 in 1 product, moisturises and adds colour and I'm really pleased and happy with the product. I will definitely be picking up the colour Cherry Me, as I think it will look really nice in the winter and well, the fact I want to buy another Baby Lips should be a good sign into how I think these products are!
Have you managed to pick up any of the Baby Lips recently? If so, how are you finding them?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Floral Nails

Hi guys!

I thought I'd show you what I was wearing on my nails the other day, it is a take on Bubzbeauty's tutorial that she posted a few days ago.
I love this summery look and I feel it is quite arty and it is possible to do on your writing hand without it looking awful! I am definitely going to try this out with a bunch of other colours and am going to wear this nail look a lot this summer!
Beauty UK black-Barry M Cappucino-Barry M Pink Flamingo-Natural Collection Hibiscus-Sally Hansen Insta-Dri-Seche White-Seche Vite- Lulu & Belle White
Here is the link to Bubzbeauty's tutorial -
What have you been wearing on your nails?

Monday, 3 June 2013

My recent YouTube videos!

So I don't know if you have seen my YouTube but I thought I'd give you the links to some of my recent ones:

Summer Makeup Tutorial -

The 3 Minute Makeup Challenge -

For Revision: Hair, Makeup and Outfit -

Day to Night: Hair, Makeup and Outfit -

I would love for you to check these out and I hope you enjoy them!!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

I'm back!!

Wow. It's been a long time. I'm sorry. I can't remember if I ever said why I suddenly stopped blogging but sometime during November my beloved laptop packed up and the hard drive said it would fail. It would have cost a small fortune to fix so I said I would wait until my birthday in April to get a new one. A few weeks ago my mum took it to a computer geek to see if it could have been fixed and for cheaper and even he said it was not worth it. I've been looking for a laptop for a couple of months but all had issues, or  I couldn't get hold of it for some reason or another. But finally, I HAVE A LAPTOP!! Although I am back, I'm not going to be posting really regularly at the moment as I do have A GCSE this week and also some mocks and tests coming up so I will be revising for them but I also have a youtube channel that I would love for you to check out and I shall try to post new and cool things on here as well. So thank you for still being here and I hope that you shall enjoy the posts I put on in the future.


Friday, 26 October 2012

Blindfolded Makeup Tag

Me and my friend wanted to do this tag video, so I hope you enjoy if you haven't already seen this!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Car Boot Sale Haul

After reading zoella's many posts about carboot findings I couldn't wait for my mum to do one. We never really go to carboots unless she's selling and that only happens about once a year. Unfortunately I wasn't half as lucky as Zoe was but I do like what I got.

I got the first top for 50p and the long top/dress for £2. It's actually from newlook so it's a bargain! The buttons were 80p and the make up bag with the goodies were 50p. I got the MAC eyeshadow for free because there was hardly anything left and it had shattered but I managed to compress it.

What goodies have you found at carboot sales recently?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Time for a change

I haven't posted for a while, I know. But this is mainly due to starting at school, lots of homework and lack of time to take photos or write. Frankly I'm just not motivated to do so. I started this blog because I had seen so many others which I loved, and the idea of my only little piece of the internet where I could write down my own thoughts, opinions and interests excited me. I started it with these hopes but it hasn't really worked.

 Recently I just haven't really felt like doing anything. Life just hasn't been that great. Not major issues like someone dieing or falling really ill or stuff, just the little things. I'm really unlucky when it comes to the little things. Unfortunately the little things all add up to big things. My friends just call me the unlucky one because if something happens, it happens to me. Recently, it's just been getting to much and I needed to have a sit down and a great big cry. We all do them, when everything gets on top of you and there's stress and friend issues and you just don't feel that great big guy in the sky is on your side. (Or if you don't believe in him or her, or plurals of them... ok, this is getting tricky now... if you're just not having a good day) Sometimes it's hard to carry on. I love drama. My dream is to be on Doctor Who as his companion but you know, I'd die happy knowing that I was part of an episode, even if I was just inside a dalek or as a weeping angel. Any people who make doctor who reading this my email is www.  nahh, I'm only joking ...(phone me at 07...) hehe. So when i failed my drama homework, (which didn't count towards my GCSE of anything, luckily) I was not happy. (considering i failed it by 0.3 of a second, I'm sure you'll understand why.) Hopefully he won't count it against me but I was kinda too upset to understand. Then the little things started to get to me. When other people complain that people don't like them but they're always meeting up with the main members of the group and doing stuff. Or when they complain about guys but you know at least they've had a boyfriend recently. It gets to you. When you're the one who manages to knock tea all over your teacher (don't stand so close behind me, I have a big bag!) it starts to wind you up slowly. You want people to like you, you want guys to like you and when they don't you feel like a great big ugly blob and no matter how much make up you put on you never feel happy or good about yourself. We all feel that way at certain points in our lives. But I've decided it's time for a change.

Firstly starting with this, my blog. I'm going to do more lifey posts, and I really want to do one on confidence. I also want to change how it looks, give it a revamp.

Next my youtube channel - Take a good picture for it as well as my blog! Also try and seem more happy in my videos, it doesn't come across the way I feel inside. By the way my youtube channel is - zannie154, go check it out and don't forget to subscribe!

Be happier in general. No-one likes a moody moaner. I'm going to try and be happier and not as annoying. 'Always look on the bright side of life! doodoo doodoobeedoobedoo'

Do my homework when I get it and also focus on my studies! I'm not going to waste my time on stuff that's not important.

Be nice to my siblings and be more helpful. Maybe they'll like me more then...hmm

Finally, keep my room tidy! Without my room being tidy, I don't get my pocket money and without pocket money I can't buy stuff!

So there are my almost the end of the year new year's resolutions because I need to change my life a bit because it's just not going the way I want it to, and big guy in the sky, if you are there, will you send some luck my way please! Pretty please with fluttery eyelashes on top!