Friday, 23 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review : Pink Punch


After waiting for so many months for the Baby Lips to fly into the UK, I was so excited when I heard they were arriving. Being a highly awaited product combined with me going away during the time they were stocking the shops it took me a while to track a colour I wanted down. I thought I'd stick with one at the moment but I will quickly assume that soon, another one will be in my possession.
The colour I decided on is Pink Punch, which for a tinted lip balm is quite bright and vibrant in comparison to how I though it would be. The packaging is colourful and 'cute' though the plastic may seem a little bit cheap though compared with Nivea and Vaseline tubes it looks a lot nicer, and they are not too much more expensive.
The colour is a light fairly bright pink on my lips anyway, and it is not really a colour I wear very often and I think it is a really pretty colour. The lip balm is not the most moisturising, as you can expect for the little money you pay for it. Despite that it does make your lips feel soft and does do what it is meant to do. The wear time on this is ok I think. Being a lip balm, the colour doesn't stain or stay in the same way a lipstick does, so for the colour to stay it would need reapplying at various points during the day. But after all you are paying for a lip balm, with the colour aspect an extra on the side.

Overall I like this product a lot, it's a 2 in 1 product, moisturises and adds colour and I'm really pleased and happy with the product. I will definitely be picking up the colour Cherry Me, as I think it will look really nice in the winter and well, the fact I want to buy another Baby Lips should be a good sign into how I think these products are!
Have you managed to pick up any of the Baby Lips recently? If so, how are you finding them?