Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Product Rant: Miss Patisserie Bath Fizzies

I received these as a birthday present way back in April and I just put it aside as I don't tend to have long relaxing baths, I'm more of a shower person but recently I thought I'd give them a go.

I just picked one out randomly and it smelt good so I thought I'd use it. I stupidly didn't read the instructions as I didn't see them on the side and ran my bath. (I should say now that I am a bath bomb novice and have no idea how to use them really.) I didn't know whether to take the case off and ended up taking half of it off and leaving the other half on as the bomb was falling apart.

(This is when it looked nice and pretty)
So the 'fizz' part of the bomb had already separated and was doing a fantastic job of fizzing for about 5 seconds and only fizzing in a very little circle. Now I was expecting bigger fizz and longer fizz as it's quite a big bomb. So the 'fizz' part of it was extremely disappointing and that wasn't the worst bit.
So it was once the fizz had disappeared that I turned to the rest of the bomb which was slowly moving around, not disintegrating and leaving a pinky reddy hue everywhere it went. Cool, I thought a pink bath! As it was moving sooo slowly I tried to help it by pushing it around. I took my hand out of the bath to find a pinkyish stain on a couple of my fingers and tried to wash it off but it wouldn't. I realised that this was caused by the petals and had to hurriedly remove the petals with out making my hands anymore red. I let out all the water to stop my skin turining red as that's not a good look.
Sorry I didn't take anymore photos but I was kind of dealing with a dodgy bath bomb, stained fingers and a possible pink bath (which I'm sure my mum wouldn't have been impressed with despite the fact it was pink) so I hope you understand but it really wasn't exciting to look at because I didn't leave it in that long.
Anyway, I ended up taking off all the petals and rinsing off the red and glittery bit to prevent stained skin and got in the bath. I had to literally break it up myself into greasy little small pieces which did nothing for my skin and looked and felt so gross that I emptied my bath again.
What it says it does - "Miss Patisserie Bath Fizzies create a bath of effervescent fizz and froth, softening the water and releasing gorgeous fragrances. They leave your skin feeling super soft and smelling oh so sweet!"
It does nothing really. It sits in your bath, stains your skin, doesn't disintegrate, doesn't fizz or froth, doesn't soften or moisturise your skin, feels greasy and doesn't make for a nice relaxing bath.
The good points are that it does smell pretty good and they look nice and sweet. The packaging is quite pretty and is very 50's style.
I wouldn't buy these myself.
Have you tried these before? Did you like them?


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